Dear colleagues,

please let me introduce myself and introduce you to our activities in support of the publication of electronic scientific journals.
We are the company SciCell s.r.o., which deals with content management systems and support for electronic journals.

What do we offer as a company?

1. possibility to work faster and more efficiently within the OJS content management system version 3 version with routine update of software (more about the content management system here:

– no creation of excel files, no writing of e-mails, the system remembers your steps, your authors, every procedure of the article in the review procedure, you only organize
– training for working with the content management system, personal meeting, or by e-mail, by phone
– within the system and publishing directly in it, its direct connection to databases without the need for other laborious registration of articles
– direct creation of metadata in their integration into the creation of PDF published files
– control over logged-in users and individual editors of the editorial board
– variability in the review process, tailored to your needs
– Possibilities for participants to register via ORCID
– when using DOI numbers, its direct integration within CrossRef
– plus many other benefits:

2. DOI numbers for your articles as part of our subscription service

– we offer doi numbers for your articles set up by, doi numbers will be permanent and valid forever. What is DOI? link:

3. iThenticate plagiarism system

– it is in our interest to move forward and that is why we have prepared an iThenticate plagiarism system for our magazines from the globally used CrossChek platform. More here:

4. support and registration in individual databases

– we know how important it is to integrate the journal in individual databases, because they determine your procedure
– we know which databases to contact in order to speed up your process
– we know how to proceed when entering these databases
– we also know the rules for accessing individual databases
– we also know the conditions that are important for your procedure

Our results speak for us, where the owner of the company is also the editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences at, where we managed to register the journal in the Web of Science and Scopus 7 years after its establishment.

We have titles such as Acta Metallurgica Slovaca (WOS, Scopus), Nova Biotechnolgica et Chimica (Scopus), Bacterial Empire, Fungal territory and Archives of Ecotoxicology (new magazines).

Therefore, we know what you need and we know your goals and we can help you with the process. We know all the conditions that are necessary for your magazine. We will advise you on how to proceed to the goals you have set.

5. We offer space for your site and articles

– you don’t have to look for space for your articles, everything will always be in one place
– you do not have to install the system laboriously on your server, the servers we use are guaranteed to work with the latest systems
– Security under SSL certificates and HTTPS is paramount and the servers we use have it
– Deposit on a daily basis, for 14 days

6. we also offer roofing within the SciCell publishing house

– One publisher with multiple magazines has a better chance of success
– a publishing house that uses its experience to your advantage

7. Design for your site

– if you are interested, we can also provide the design of your website as the main website where you will provide all the necessary information about your magazine and you will use the content management system for online review and publication
– As you know, the packaging sells today
– The above-mentioned JMBFS magazine also uses such a policy

8. Transport your old articles for better visibility on the web

– we can also transport all your previously published works to a new system, to a new platform with better visibility for robotic crawlers

9. Other options

– we can also provide conference systems on our servers, more info:
– we can also ensure the operation of the system for review and publication of book publications, monographs and other larger works online, more info at:


The magazine’s own website – as your representative place and the main point of contact for authors who are looking for a suitable magazine and cannot find you

Own content journal management system – as a place for your work in the editorial office, where you receive, review and publish articles

Custom DOI number – as a unique identifier for each article

IThenticate plagiarism system

WEBSPACE for your articlesunlimited space for your articles

We believe that you are interested in our offer

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email: or by phone: +421 904 189 191

SciCell s.r.o.
Ing. Lukáš Hleba, Ph.D.
Slovak republic